Saturday, 28 November 2015

Handmade Crocodile Paper

These biodegradable, crocodile skin paper, have a unique texture that is a reminiscent of rough leather. It's stiff structure can be used for various binding purposes. These unique papers are cut, mixed, molded and dried by hand. Available in vivid colors, our range of elegant Handmade Crocodile Papers are extremely elegant. These smooth textured crocodile papers are extensively used for art and craft purposes. The can be glued, stamped or screen printed to give a durable and exquisite look to any item.

Product Code : CP-01
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Description :
This wonderful and durable Handmade Crocodile Papers in striking colors can be blind embossed, screen printed to albums, diaries, scrapbooks, bags etc.

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Product Code : CP-02
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Description :
The attractive bio-degradable Handmade Crocodile Papers are available in scintillating color. This vibrant violet paper lends a lively texture to books, bags, albums cards etc.

Product Code : CP-03
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Description :
This crocodile textured paper with luxurious look and feel, portray the designs of crocodile's skin on the background of glorious colors.

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Product Code : CP-04
handmade floral paper
Description :
This environment friendly Handmade Crocodile Papers, are ideal for bringing a touch of croc-inspired texture and dimension. It is capable of converting any ordinary gift into unforgettable item.

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